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Texas' blood supply is hitting critical levels.  There is no substitute for whole blood and donations are nearing 15-year lows.  Per one representative, it seems the civic duty of donating blood is slowly disappearing.  

Texas blood banks need blood.  Some regions are reporting deficits of 2,500 units and others are purchasing blood from private vendors just to supply hospitals.  This impacts everything from trauma response to scheduled surgeries.  

We are asking Texas EMS professionals to take ownership over this issue and help #FillTheBlood . 

Texas EMS Blood Month 

Texas EMS Blood Month is an action campaign scheduled from 8/6-8/31.  

Its objectives are to encourage individual EMS donations through the month of August, encourage EMS organizational commitment to a blood drive event, and to raise awareness about the value of whole blood.  

ATEMSP will connect EMS professionals to their local blood centers over the next three weeks and share the importance of blood products within our EMS community.  


ATEMSP was asked about creating a one-time event in response to the tragedies in El Paso & Dayton.  Contact with blood centers revealed a much larger need and a collaborative effort ensued. 

The ATEMSP Board of Directors assessed available resources and reached out to our greater Texas EMS network.  All responses were unanimous - Texas EMS has the people and mission to assist with improving the state's blood shortage.  

Blood centers were contacted about the idea and Texas EMS Blood Month was created. 


The vision for Texas EMS Blood Month is to increase awareness about the value of whole blood and connect EMS professionals to their local blood centers for improvement of the state's blood supply.  

The Need 

Immediate donations are needed to bridge the gap between low summer turnout and school sponsored blood drives. 

Organized and strategic donations are needed from August through December to effectively refill the blood supply.  

Click here to learn about participation and learn who is already involved.  


We are the public policy advocate for the Texas EMS professional.  We represent the interests of the 70,000+ individuals making up the Texas EMS workforce. 


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