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ATEMSP is proud to initiate programs that address strategic needs for Texas EMS.  Each program is part of ATEMSP's strategic planning process and is approved by the Board of Directors prior to initiation.  

ATEMSP Programs & Services 

State Legislation

Our primary purpose is to ensure Texas EMS representation on the state legislative session.  ATEMSP authors, lobbies, supports, and opposes legislation in the best interest of the individual Texas EMS Provider. 

ATEMSP sponsors an "EMS Day on the Hill" each legislative session and recruits EMS professionals for testimony on specific pieces of legislation.  All of this is in partnership with Texana Public Affairs.  

Federal Legislation
We are the proud Texas affiliate of NAEMT and actively serve on several national committees.  ATEMSP is home to NAEMT's Texas Advocacy Coordinator, which actively participates in briefings and advocacy efforts for federal EMS legislation.  ATEMSP is a constant voice in national conversations and participates annually in NAEMT's EMS Day on the Hill in Washington D.C..  

Texas Degree Requirement Task Force
We launched the Texas Degree Requirement Task Force in March 2019.  This is a two year task force to examine the impact of a paramedic degree requirement in Texas. 

Texas 2 Step CPR
Texas 2 Step CPR is a national hands-only CPR event hosted by Texas medical students.  ATEMSP supports the event by providing selected Texas EMS personnel to help with public teaching and to build relationships with future physicians.   


We are the public policy advocate for the Texas EMS professional.  We represent the interests of the 70,000+ individuals making up the Texas EMS workforce. 


The best way to contact ATEMSP is to email:


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