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Joining an ATEMSP Committee 

ATEMSP committees open for application each January.  

*The 2020 application process is January 27 - February 7.  All applications must be received by midnight on February 7th.*  

Additional openings may occur at separate dates according to association needs.  

How to Join 

If you would like to join an ATEMSP committee, the initial application process is simple: 

  • Be a current member
  • Choose a committee. 
    • Applicants may choose up to three committees listed in their order of preference. 
    • Applicants will only be chosen for one committee.  
  • Email with the following: 
    • The name of the committee(s) you wish to join. 
    • A brief description stating why you would like to join a committee. 
    • Attached updated professional resumé.  
  • Once the email is received, an ATEMSP representative will contact you with further steps.  

Why Join?

Joining an ATEMSP committee is one of the most rewarding experiences in Texas EMS.  

ATEMSP committees give you access to the ATEMSP network. This network involves EMS leaders, legislators, industry executives, national organizations, and more.  It also allows you to work with EMS peers from around the state and grow within the EMS community. 

ATEMSP committees empower you to progress EMS as a profession.  Many EMS professionals are left holding strong ideas for EMS improvement because they work in a less represented part of the state or do not hold a valued title.  We believe individuals have the right to advance the profession. Committees provide empowerment to individuals to progress the profession they love.

ATEMSP committees provide leadership opportunities for professional growth.  Committee work involves strategic planning, interpersonal navigation, and program execution.  This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills that can be used in our professional workforce.  

ATEMSP committees create stronger resumés.  All individual committee work is tracked via monthly reports to create an individual resumé builder.  This ensures that all active individuals have their work documented to support future professional or educational goals.  

What Are You Waiting For?

We would love to have be part of our team.  Email to apply for one of our amazing committees. 

To learn more about our individual committees, click here


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