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ATEMSP Committees

Committees are the most important operational component of ATEMSP.    

Committees are comprised of one to five EMS professionals focusing on a specific operational domain. This focus allows the ATEMSP community to create organizational sustainability while driving professional change. ATEMSP committees are simply the focused, organized work of individual Texas EMS professionals.  

To learn more about joining an ATEMSP committee, click here.  

Committee Types 

ATEMSP oversees eight different committees. 

1. Bylaw Committee 
2. Conference Committee
3. Education Committee
4. Fundraising Committee 
5. Legislative Committee 
6. Liaison Committee 
7. Membership Committee 
8. Newsletter Committee 

Committee Descriptions 

Bylaw Committee  

The bylaw committee conducts an annual review of association bylaws and presents suggested changes to the board of directors.  The committee chairman presides over all association elections.  The bylaw committee normally consists of one to three members.  

Conference Committee 

The conference committee is responsible for tracking all EMS related conferences in the state and participating in these conferences as available.  The conference committee plans, organizes, and staffs a booth while serving as a recruiting and outreach component of the organization.  The committee is to also serve as a resource for any members requesting guidance for presenting at an EMS conference.  This committee normally consists of five members.  

Education Committee 

The education committee oversees all education related aspects of ATEMSP.  This includes the EMS education domain, EMS curriculum, EMS education policy, and association offerings of EMS related courses.  This committee normally consists of five members. 

Fundraising Committee 

The fundraising committee is responsible for increasing the association's revenue.  ATEMSP is committed to low membership fees that allow all EMS professionals to join. This makes the organization's sustainability reliant on fundraising.  The fundraising committee researches, plans, and executes initiatives that increase the association's revenue while accomplishing related strategic objectives. This committee normally consists of five members. 

Legislative Committee

The legislative committee is responsible for creating proposed legislation.  This committee works with the association's lobbyist to develop strategy for the legislative session, develops working relationships with legislators, and vets any legislation, candidates, or positions requiring association action.  Acceptance to this committee is highly selective due to the secure nature of its work.  The committee normally consists of five members.  

Liaison Committee 

The liaison committee is responsible for developing relationships with other professional organizations and strengthening the association's network.  The liaisons serve as the ambassadors of ATEMSP.  The committee is limited to only four members.  

Membership Committee 

The membership committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members.  This is the most important committee regarding the ATEMSP membership experience. The committee also plans, organizes, and hosts the annual membership meeting in November.  This committee normally consists of five members.  

Newsletter Committee

The newsletter committee creates the ATEMSP monthly newsletter and any other publication initiated by ATEMSP.  This committee normally consists of five members.  


We are the public policy advocate for the Texas EMS professional.  We represent the interests of the 70,000+ individuals making up the Texas EMS workforce. 


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