Katie Faulk

What's your (EMS) story?

I first became interested in EMS while doing ride-outs with the Washington County EMS Explorer program in high school. The time that people there took to teach me and include me in calls, station life, and training helped me realize I had found what I wanted to do for a career. I did both my EMT and Paramedic classes at Blinn College, finishing in 2014. While finishing my paramedic classes, I worked as an ER Technician at a rural ER. I feel this has given me a good understanding of the cohesiveness that must exist between pre-hospital and in-hospital care. My first EMS job was with St Joseph EMS in Bryan, TX, a hospital-based 911/transfer company. I had the opportunity to work alongside wonderful people and learn from them. While there, I became an FTO, and really enjoyed training both new hires and students. I started at my current company, Jewett EMS, 2 years ago. Being a rural, 3rd party service, I have been able to learn more about the differences and unique challenges facing both hospital-based and county-based EMS departments. I have been able to help with projects relating to training, protocol writing and revision, and research. I have recently become the Training Coordinator and look forward to furthering my career in EMS.

What's your greatest EMS related interest?

My greatest EMS related interest area is training. I started learning about pre-hospital medicine while still in high school and have always felt the defense against a complex patient is knowledge. While in EMS I've been able to do internal education with fellow employees, precept students, and do community education with fire departments, law enforcement, CPR classes, and Stop the Bleed classes. Being able to help make the community I work in safer and better prepared in an emergency situation is very fulfilling. In the relatively short time I have been in EMS, the treatments and knowledge have been continuously evolving. As information moves from the ICU through ER and out into the ambulance, I believer it is our responsibility as medical providers to have as much knowledge and skill proficiency as possible.

Why did you join ATEMSP?

Early in my career, I was frustrated at the apparent lack of representation, recognition, and movement of EMS at the government level. While talking about this one day, my assistant director took the time to explain how little representation we had at the time, compared to similar fields. This frustration led me to look into organizations for EMS. I found ATEMSP and loved what I saw the association doing. I joined because I felt it was important to have an organization working on making legislative changes and representing all EMS providers across the state of Texas. 


We are the public policy advocate for the Texas EMS professional.  We represent the interests of the 70,000+ individuals making up the Texas EMS workforce. 


The best way to contact ATEMSP is to email: info@atemsp.org


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